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Investigate all FIFA ex-co members

What are the odds? In 2011 Thailand Football Association president Worawi Makudi’s name appeared on title deeds on land for a National Football Training Centre, partly developed with FIFA funds, in Bangkok. The FIFA executive committee member disgracefully escaped any sanction after providing a piece of paper with his signature on it from 2003 saying […]

It’s time for the truth

It was a typical response from South-East Asia’s most powerful football figure, Worawi Makudi. Rather than explain just how it could come to be that title deed documents actually show his name owning, as late as June 10 this year, a mortgage on land on which sits the National Football Training Centre in Bangkok, a […]

How did a World Cup end up in the boondocks?

Anyone who has been to Bangkok knows it’s a nightmare to get around. Yes, there’s the BTS Skytrain but that only has a limited number of stations, most in tourist areas. If you need to get anywhere slightly out of the way you’d better pray for a miracle: that you not only find your destination […]

Tough questions for Sri Lanka’s football godfather

South Asia rarely makes a splash on the world football scene, unless it’s in the context of a Lionel Messi roadshow or the usual blather about the potential of the subcontinent as a future power. So when Sri Lanka’s Vernon Manilal Fernando was elected as a FIFA executive committee member in January 2011 following the […]

Another fine FIFA headache

It’s been said for some time in football circles that “the future is Asia”. Indeed the Asian Football Confederation has made it their official motto. But it should be reworded. The farce is Asia. First there was the downfall of AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam, a man who refuses to leave his post while he […]

Hard questions must be asked of Thai FA president

Worawi Makudi is not a name most people in football will be readily familiar with; though that’s perhaps the way Worawi, president of the Football Association of Thailand and a member of FIFA’s executive committee, would prefer it given some of the bad press he’s been getting in Bangkok in recent times. Mohamed Bin Hammam […]