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FIFA: who would want it?

Paul Kelso has speculated in London’s Telegraph that there are “increasing signs that the president will struggle to see out his full term to 2015, and could be forced out by the end of the year” in a coup d’etat orchestrated by the man who’s been waiting in the wings for a seeming eternity: UEFA […]

Time for some moral fair play in the world of football finance

What’s more scandalous? The news that the captured Al-Saadi Gaddafi had a gay porn DVD among his worldly possessions that were “liberated” by Libyan rebels this week or the well-known fact the same dictator’s son and his Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company (LAFICO) had direct stakes (or indirect links at the very least) in a […]

Sorry, Ryan – the FIFA World Cup is still the best

Ryan Nelsen, captain of the New Zealand All Whites and stalwart defender for Blackburn Rovers, was in Pune, India, recently as part of the Venky’s-owned English Premier League club’s pre-season whistlestop of the subcontinent. Amid the usual press chatter about how long it will take for an Indian to cut it at the top level […]

The Rummenigge revolution is coming; and it will be televised

The question that needs to be asked apropos the sensational comments of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who has called for a breakaway European league freed from the straitjacket of UEFA and FIFA control, is why anyone doubts the chances of it actually happening. When the memorandum of understanding expires between UEFA and FIFA in 2014, European Club […]

Platini sticks to the hoary Blatter script

Michel Platini made himself awfully scarce and kept unusually quiet during the choreographed bloodbath of the FIFA presidential election last month. Which is strange when you think about it, considering the UEFA president, more than anyone else in world football, would have stood to benefit from the demise of both candidates. For years he has […]