"An excellent writer and storyteller." - The Daily Telegraph

"Fink can take a moment and turn it into a vivid experience." - The Australian

"Fink makes enemies like Bill Gates makes money, but his in-your-face style is exactly what makes his blogs so good." - Alpha

"One of Asia's best football writers." - The National (Abu Dhabi)


The Ex Factor“The Ex Factor”

Feature story about how to talk about previous relationships

Sunday Style, April 2016

About A Girl“About A Girl”

Opinion column about raising children after divorce

Sunday Style, August 2015

The Porn Ultimatum“The Porn Ultimatum”

Feature story about the impact of online porn on people’s brains

Men’s Health, April 2015

Love, Actually“Dangerous Mind”

Feature story about living with OCD

Sunday Style, March 2015

Love, Actually“Love, Actually”

Opinion column about limerence and love

Sunday Style, February 2015

Run for Your Life“Run for Your Life”

Feature story about grief and exercise

Men’s Health, February 2015

Is Privacy Dead?“Is Privacy Dead?”

Feature story about online privacy

Sunday Style, November 2014

Love Me Tinder“Love Me Tinder”

Opinion column about dating app Tinder

Sunday Style, August 2014

Unfaithfully Yours“Unfaithfully Yours”

Feature story about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” open relationships

Sunday Style, June 2014

Because They Can“Because They Can”

Opinion column about why men of a certain age go after trophy wives/girlfriends

Sunday Style, June 2014