"An excellent writer and storyteller." - The Daily Telegraph

"Fink can take a moment and turn it into a vivid experience." - The Australian

"Fink makes enemies like Bill Gates makes money, but his in-your-face style is exactly what makes his blogs so good." - Alpha

"One of Asia's best football writers." - The National (Abu Dhabi)

Other Writing

Love, Actually“Dangerous Mind”

Feature story about living with OCD

Sunday Style, March 2015

Love, Actually“Love, Actually”

Opinion column about limerence and love

Sunday Style, February 2015

Run for Your Life“Run for Your Life”

Feature story about grief and exercise

Men’s Health, February 2015

Is Privacy Dead?“Is Privacy Dead?”

Feature story about online privacy

Sunday Style, November 2014


Opinion column about Instagram

Sunday Style, September 2014

Love Me Tinder“Love Me Tinder”

Opinion column about dating app Tinder

Sunday Style, August 2014

Unfaithfully Yours“Unfaithfully Yours”

Feature story about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” open relationships

Sunday Style, June 2014

Because They Can“Because They Can”

Opinion column about why men of a certain age go after trophy wives/girlfriends

Sunday Style, June 2014

Australia's Got Talent“Australia’s Got Talent”

Opinion column about the appeal of Aussie men in America

Sunday Style, April 2014

Learning to Share: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly“Learning to Share: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”

Feature story about shared parenting

The Australian Women’s Weekly Ultimate Guide to Divorce, August 2013

Internet Connection“Internet Connection”

Feature story about technology and relationships

Virgin Australia Voyeur Magazine, June 2012

Where have all the good men gone?“Where Have All The Good Men Gone?”

Feature story about the lack of characters in golf

Golf Magazine, March 2012

John Daly Article“The Off-beat Mojo of John Daly”

Feature story about John Daly

Golf Magazine, January 2012

Marie Claire Article“Secret Men’s Business”

Feature story about
men and divorce

Marie Claire magazine,
August 2011

Harry Kewell - Nobody's Fool“Nobody’s Fool”

Profile of/interview with
Harry Kewell

Inside Sport magazine, 2010

Sport and Style Villains“Sport & Style Villains of the Year”

Feature story about the French football team

Sport & Style magazine, 2010

Mark Schwarzer - Keeping On“Keeping On”

Profile of/interview with
Mark Schwarzer

Inside Sport magazine, 2010

Tim Cahill - The Main Man“The Main Man”

Profile of/interview with
Tim Cahill

Inside Sport magazine, 2010

Messi - The Second Coming“The Second Coming”

Profile of Lionel Messi

Inside Sport magazine, 2010

Pim - Can This Man Manage“Can This Man Manage?”

Profile of/interview with
Pim Verbeek

Inside Sport magazine, 2008

The Riddle of Mark Viduka“The Riddle of Mark Viduka”

Profile of/interview with
Mark Viduka

Inside Sport magazine, 2006

Extra Time“Extra Time”

Feature story about sport in prison

Inside Sport magazine, 2005

Meet the Coffas“Meet the Coffas”

Feature story about Australian weightlifting and the Coffa Brothers

Inside Sport magazine, 2005

Coming on Strong“Coming on Strong”

Profile of/interview with Australian strongman
Derek Boyer

Inside Sport magazine, 2005

The IS Files“The IS Files”

Feature story about sport’s greatest mysteries

Inside Sport magazine, 2005

The Unusual Suspects“The Unusual Suspects”

Feature story about doping in sports

Inside Sport magazine, 2004

Safari Politics“Safari Politics”

Feature story about the nexus between big-game hunting and politics (highly commended for the 2004 Australian Sports Commission National Sports Media Awards’ Community Sport Media Award)

Inside Sport magazine, 2004

Mark of the Year?“Mark of the Year?”

Profile of/interview with Mark Latham, ALP leader

Inside Sport magazine, 2004

Mush Hour“Mush Hour”

Feature story about the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race

Inside Sport magazine, 2004

Silent Witness“Silent Witness”

Feature story about mental illness among sportspeople (winner of the 2004 Australian Sports Commission National Sports Media Awards’ Best Journalism on Australian Sports Commission-related Programs Award and the 2004 Mental Health Matters Awards’ Media Award)

Inside Sport magazine, 2004

The Sting in Memorabilia“The Sting in Memorabilia”

Feature story about sports memorabilia (nominated for the 2003 Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism’s Coverage of Sport – All Media Award)

Inside Sport magazine, 2003